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Attendance Policy
Posted On:
Friday, August 05, 2016

According to this policy, a student who is not “in attendance” is considered absent. Any absence will be counted as UNEXCUSED if documentation is not received within 4 school days of the students return to school. If a student gets more than seven (7) unexcused absences in a class in a semester the student will automatically fail the class.


Total # of Days Absent

Acceptable Reasons for a Student Absence to be Considered EXCUSED.

Documentation Required within 4 school days.

One through four

Any reason that a student’s parent or guardian approves

Parent or Guardian note only.

Five and above

  • Student illness (Note: to be deemed excused, an appropriately licensed medical profession must verify all student illness absence, regardless of the absence length. Ex: Chiropractor cannot write a note for the flu)

  • Death in Student’s family or other emergency beyond the control of the student’s family.

  • Mandated court appearance.

  • Extraordinary educational opportunity (Must be pre-approved by Principal)

  • Doctor Appointment (Medical, Dental, etc)

  • Counselor, Psychologist, Social Services referral.

  • College Visit (2 during student’s senior year)

Must have additional documentation. Ex: Doctor’s note, Court summons, college brochure etc.)


* No phone calls will be accepted. Parents may still call to check out their child but it will be counted as unexcused until the office has documentation.

In cases where a student’s extended absence goes past four days the additional days will be considered unexcused. Ex: Student goes on vacation for five days. The first four can be excused, the fifth day would be considered unexcused.


All Parent or Guardian Notes need to have the following information:

Date(s) of Absence

Reason for Absence

Signature of parent or guardian


All additional documentation must be signed and dated by the proper authority. (Doctor, Court official, etc.)


The office will have Absence Forms for any parent/guardian that is checking their child out during school.

Exceptional Circumstances

The Principal may approve prearranged absences for situations in which an exemption from attendance appears to be in the best interest of the student and his/her family.


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